Rav Morrie: Back from the Dead

Rabbi Morris Wruble

Rav Morrie’s wife Anna was home in Jerusalem when she got the call.“Anna,” the camp director said solemnly.  “Come right away.  Morrie’s had a massive heart attack.  The situation does not look good.” The story of  Rav Morrie’s remarkable recovery is a lesson for us all. Read the rest at …

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Abraham and Sarah

Sarah Landesman

Their names of Abraham and Sarah, the founders of the Jewish people – a couple known for their dedication to their flock, to each other to their G-d, and their people.   Abraham and Sarah Landesman brought together the  Summit Hill Community in Silver Spring Maryland in the 1960s.  The occasion of Sarah’s …

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Expelled from Medical School


It isn’t often that a person is confronted with events from his parent’s distant past. My friend, Dr. Rodney Zentner, approached me recently handed me a sheaf of papers containing a copy of my father’s registration at the University of Vienna Faculty of Medicine in 1938 and his grades for his first …

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My Daughter the Doctor

Laurie Wasser 20150108_173658

The world of medicine has now been open to women for decades.  As parents, especially those in the medical field recognize their daughters’ interests in medicine; they should encourage and support them as they pursue the long and difficult path toward their careers. Since the long years of medical school …

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Nutrition Advice

The core of nutrition advice — to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but not a lot of junk food — have stayed the same for years. Also to reduce the SUGAR and SALT intake! Read more at USAToday.com.